Monday, December 29, 2014

Around Town: Doctor's Office

Today we are touring the Doctor's Office in Coatesville Crossing. Doctor Ben is a very busy man keeping up with all of the patients in Coatesville! Barbara Lambsbrook works hard at the front desk keeping all the appointments straight.

Doctor Ben is hard at work!

Barbara checks all the patients in and helps Dr. Ben with his charts. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Around Town: Farmer's Market

Come with us to the Coatesville Crossings' Farmer's Market and look at everything there is for sale! Fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more! 
Heidi Hopscotch shops outside.

Sheila Outback and little Joey Outback can be seen shopping inside.

Shop Owner Richie Hopper is always at the shop working. 
Fresh flowers can be found all around the shop.

Little Joey loves shopping with his mother!

Thanks for visiting with us today! Come back tomorrow when we tour the Doctor's Office! 

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Introduction: Caramel Cat Family

Today we are taking a tour of the Caramel Cat Family in Coatesville.

Master Bedroom

Carla Caramel is a busy single mother, but she takes a lot of pride in keeping her room quite tidy. 

Living Room
The Caramel triplets are named Camryn, Callie, and Candor. They are always together. They enjoy reading, sewing, and trying on mother's makeup.

The caramel family has a modest kitchen with a few cabinets and a wood burning stove.


Andy and Annabel Caramel are 9 month old twins. They love to play the day away together.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Around Town: Rainbow Nursery

Welcome to the Rainbow Nursery, Coatesville Crossings' nursery center in town. Come inside and take a look around. 

The Rainbow Nursery is run by Shannon Snow-Warren. She can often be seen on the main floor of the nursery singing and laughing with the children. The nursery is quite busy as there are many working parents in Coatesville Crossings. From left are Hayley Doughty, Mallory Whiskers, Peppermint and Angelica Tuxedo, and Andy Caramel.

On the upper floor of the nursery, there is a feeding room. Adelaide Outback is having a tasty snack!

Also on the upper floor is the child's restroom complete with a small potty chair, baby bath, and sink.

Lynn Neptune helps after school. She loves pushing the babies in the carriage. From left the babies are Annabel Caramel, Maya Neptune, Midnight Tuxedo, and Marcus Persis.

Camryn Caramel also helps out after school. She loves getting the babies outside to play in the pool. From left the babies are Comfrey Cottontail, Kenny Silk, and Connor Snow-Warren.

Thanks for visiting today! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tour the Whiskers Tree House

Today we are welcomed into the Whiskers family's tree house.

Katrina sitting in her gazebo.
Ring the bell and come on in!

Katrina Whiskers first invites you to take a look at her classic, modern, and simple bedroom. She picks flowers from her garden to display. Her sunflowers are prize winning.

Master Bedroom

Next you are invited into the twins bedroom, Branson and Amelia. Amelia can often be seen rummaging through her game cabinet. Amelia is also following in her mother Katrina's footsteps and gardening. She has a few of her flowers, violets, on display. Branson enjoys reading and making trouble for his sister. He can often be seen picking the petals off of her flowers.

Twins' Room

Baby Mallory's nursery is next. Katrina often spends her time rocking Mallory to sleep or taking her to the local dress boutique. Mallory is just learning to crawl and enjoys chasing after Amelia. 


Finally, we visit Sebastian Whiskers' basement den. He enjoys watching sports on his television and feeding his fish when he's not at work.

Basement Den