Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tour the Whiskers Tree House

Today we are welcomed into the Whiskers family's tree house.

Katrina sitting in her gazebo.
Ring the bell and come on in!

Katrina Whiskers first invites you to take a look at her classic, modern, and simple bedroom. She picks flowers from her garden to display. Her sunflowers are prize winning.

Master Bedroom

Next you are invited into the twins bedroom, Branson and Amelia. Amelia can often be seen rummaging through her game cabinet. Amelia is also following in her mother Katrina's footsteps and gardening. She has a few of her flowers, violets, on display. Branson enjoys reading and making trouble for his sister. He can often be seen picking the petals off of her flowers.

Twins' Room

Baby Mallory's nursery is next. Katrina often spends her time rocking Mallory to sleep or taking her to the local dress boutique. Mallory is just learning to crawl and enjoys chasing after Amelia. 


Finally, we visit Sebastian Whiskers' basement den. He enjoys watching sports on his television and feeding his fish when he's not at work.

Basement Den

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  1. What a lovely home! That aquarium set is super rare, you're very lucky to have it - and the treehouse as well! I'm very jealous ;)